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5 Resources for Working the Night Shift as a Security Guard

Security guards have one of the most demanding jobs, especially those who work the night shift. They have to answer disturbances, keep the peace, and even act as de facto first responders sometimes. They might not be police officers, but their occupations often put them in eerily similar situations and even have some of the same responsibilities.

Security guards need a lot of training to be ready for whatever comes their way. But, it also helps to have the right resources to do your job as effectively as possible. Continue reading to learn about some great resources for security agents who work the graveyard shift.

1. Audio Recording Device


Security officers often have to appear in court when a crime is committed on their watch. Sometimes they act as material witnesses, and sometimes, they can even play the role of expert witnesses.

As you know, it’s all about what you can prove in courtrooms in the U.S. Wearing a secret recording device is a great way to ensure you have proof of everything that happens while you’re on the job. You can also use your recordings to help you remember specific details when filling out incident reports.

2. Metal Detector Equipment

Metal detectors are one of the most important tools for security guards when working in venues like nightclubs or high-end jewelry stores. Nightclubs are often the scene for shootings, stabbings, and other violent attacks. You can’t stop every incident, but you can use metal detectors to mitigate the impact of such incidents.

Your security guard agency might provide excellent service training to its security guards, but they’re not likely to catch every weapon that enters an establishment. Providing them with metal detector equipment helps them reduce the safety risks to everyone under their charge.

3. Self-Defense Flashlight


As a security guard, you’ve probably heard all the jokes about “flashlight cops.” However, there’s nothing funny about not being able to see when potential disturbances are happening. However, a tactical self-defense flashlight can help you stay safe in more ways than one.

Tactical flashlights are usually made from heavy, durable materials and have more lumens than average flashlights, making them great for illuminating large areas and potentially fighting off attackers. Tactical lights come in different shapes and have various features, so do your due diligence to find the best fit for you.

4. Police Scanner

It’s essential for security guards to be aware of their surroundings. They need to be the first to know about potential threats to the premises they’re protecting.

For instance, it can be hard to tell if a car driving slowly through your lot is really looking for Port Canaveral parking options or if they’re trying to steal a vehicle from your lot. However, if you hear about a report of a missing car that fits the description of one creeping past your lot, you could help law enforcement prevent the car thieves from getting away with another theft.

You don’t have to be a peace officer to use a police scanner, and now you can even download them as apps on your smartphone. So if you need to stay up-to-date on disturbances in your immediate area, there’s an app for that!

5. Guard Dog


We all know dogs make great companions to humans. The canine/human relationship goes back thousands of years and for purposes of both business and pleasure.

A well-trained guard dog is a security officer’s best friend. Having a partner whose senses and athletic abilities dwarf yours makes your job a little easier. You get all of those traits in a guard dog.

Being responsible for public safety is a heavy burden, especially when you work the night shift. Indeed, security officers could use all the help they can get to make their occupation a little easier.

Security guards don’t always get the luxury of standard business days as their jobs often put them in the line of danger. However, having the right tools and a brave, trustworthy fur buddy on your side make providing security guard services a little safer, which you and your family can appreciate.

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