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How Do You Calculate Times Interest Earned Ratio?

What’s the Times Interest Earned Ratio? The Times Interest Earned Ratio (TIE Ratio), or Interest Coverage Ratio, is a popular accounting calculation that is used as a measure of a company’s ability to pay off all of its debt obligations. The TIE Ratio is calculated taking a company’s earnings before income tax, and dividing it by its […]

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Tips for Building a Successful Online Presence for Your Lash Business

Without a strong online presence, your business is basically just waiting to be noticed by the right people. As you may have guessed, that won’t happen unless you reach them with a strong sales message. Lucky for you, cosmetic businesses are all the rage—especially since more and more makeup artists are popping up every single day […]

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Three Ideas to Promote Team Building in Your Organization

As a business owner, promoting team building is essential to the overall success and productivity of the staff. The more motivated and committed an individual employees are, the more they will work for the greater good of the company. You want to encourage employees to align their personal goals with the company’s goals as it will […]

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