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Does Your Business Need a Storage Unit?

The COVID-19 pandemic has turned standard business operations upside down. Everything from open floor plans to in-person visits with in-house teams has been set aside in favor of more socially distant and safe practices. Even as the pandemic ends, many of these changes might remain in place permanently.


If you operate a business, you may find yourself in need of a storage unit to hold your various items as the pandemic rages on across the United States. Here are a few signs that it is time to invest in a storage facility.

1. Your team will keep working remotely in 2021.


At the start of the pandemic, most people thought they would only work at home for a few weeks before it passed. However, many programmers and service providers continue to clock in remotely to stay safe. This trend isn’t about to change. Workplace experts estimate that 36.2 million Americans will work remotely by 2025 — an 87% increase from pre-pandemic levels.


The rise in remote work means you might have unused desks, chairs, and other items in your business that were previously used by your in-house team. If you operate a small company, you may stay fully remote after the pandemic, or at least look for a smaller office space. By placing these items in a storage unit for now, like the storage units near North Bergen, you can save money on rent by closing down your office until you determine who is working remotely moving forward and who is returning to in-person work.

2. Your startup office is increasingly casual.


As you figure out which members of your in-house team need to work in-office, consider which employees have client-facing meetings and which ones don’t. Oftentimes, specialist employees like software developers don’t need to dress up for work, especially compared to a client-facing project manager. If your dress code leans more toward sweaters and Converse over professional outfits, you may be able to remove some of your more formal furniture and develop a relaxed work environment that better matches your brand.


Consider what software developers wear to work and see if storage space for your more outdated design choices can help make your business and in-house team seem more modern.

3. You plan to expand with contractors and outsourced teams.


Another reason why your company might need a self-storage unit is if you plan to expand your business virtually. While there is plenty of talent in urban areas like New York and Jersey City, more companies are looking to hire specialists from all parts of the world. A company can hire an offshore team to provide customer service or stack its marketing team with new hires from across the U.S. One of the pros of having a virtual office is that you can find the best people to work with you no matter where you are.


Evaluate your company and your future plans for growth. Knowing when to outsource and when to expand in house teams can help you determine whether you want to bring in a local IT team or find an outsourced vendor while keeping your office supplies in storage.


The rise of remote work comes with its pros and cons. Your recruiter can find the best software developers from across the U.S. but you also need to consider the needs of your in-house team. In the short run, determine who needs to be in the office and what dress code and furniture they require. This will help you determine whether you need to invest in a self-storage unit or if it is better to sell off your unnecessary equipment as your business starts its next chapter.

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