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How Lawyers Can Avoid Burnout and Exhaustion

Being a lawyer is a demanding and prestigious job. You are aiding people as they untangle confusing legal contracts or helping to exonerate innocent people. The job involves long nights pouring over case studies and building a solid defense plan. As a lawyer, you’re going to see and hear a lot of difficult things and be involved in some messy cases. With all that going on, it’s easy to feel burnt out or exhausted from the sheer weight of your job.

There are plenty of ways you can avoid burnout. Rather than feeling completely overwhelmed every minute of the day, you may just want to try some techniques and tricks to actually relax and leave work at work. Having specific outlets and activities that are just for you can do wonders for your soul. It also helps to have career goals so you don’t get stuck doing the same things for too many years. Let’s dive a little deeper into these tips as we explore ways to avoid burnout as a lawyer.

Set career goals so you’re never stuck in the same place for long.

Burnout can grow and spread when you feel under-appreciated or like your talents aren’t being utilized. It can help to focus on climbing the ladder so you can enjoy challenging jobs rather than boring monotonous ones. Look at someone like Malliha Wilson. She had a thriving career as a human rights activist and lawyer in Canada until she worked her way up to Assistant Deputy Attorney General in Ontario. By diversifying her interests and work, she stayed motivated and avoided that burnout feeling. The more you can follow in her footsteps and look for different areas of law or positions you can practice, the less burnout you’ll feel.

Have emotional outlets like therapy.

Everyone can experience anger, irritability, and anxiety at work. If you’re starting to feel burnt out or exhausted, it may be time to get a new emotional outlet. Going to therapy near me can be a tremendously helpful tool. By speaking with trained counselors and therapists, you’re able to process any complicated emotions and get tools to help fight burnout. Sometimes just getting something off your chest can help you feel that much better. Plus, you’ll work with the same team of mental health professionals to give you excellent tools over time.

Be strict about setting boundaries.

A big reason why so many people feel burnt out is that you’re constantly available and working more than you should be. As a lawyer, of course, there are times you need to dedicate more hours to a project. However, it’s important to set personal boundaries. If you’re working 50 hours this week, take some time off the next. Tell your team that when you clock out at the end of the day, you will actually be unavailable. By being clear about those boundaries you set, you’ll be less tempted to work outside your designated hours and you’ll feel less overworked.

Invest in social activities that are just for you.

As a lawyer, you may feel like your job sometimes takes over your entire life. Fight burnout by finding some social or emotional activities that are just for you. Take at least a few hours every week to not think about work at all. Join a sports league or take a relaxing bubble bath once a week. This will help you actually rest and relax when you aren’t at work. Plus, it will give you time to make connections and invest in something other than your job. This can be a helpful activity to fight any symptoms of burnout.

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