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Three Ideas to Promote Team Building in Your Organization

As a business owner, promoting team building is essential to the overall success and productivity of the staff. The more motivated and committed an individual employees are, the more they will work for the greater good of the company. You want to encourage employees to align their personal goals with the company’s goals as it will make them feel invested in the success of the company.

The benefits of team building are well documented, and many larger companies regularly host team-building activities because they have seen the positive benefits within their own business. It’s about understanding people, how they think, and what motivates them to work. If you can tap into the feelings and thoughts that motivate them, you can use that to increase the production and success of the whole company.

Hire a company that specializes in team building events to work with you to plan the ideal event of your employees and address the most pressing concerns.

Organized team-building activities are specially designed to encourage problem-solving through coordination and collaboration among employees. The team is rewarded for working well together and provided with opportunities to build communication and creativity. For example, there is a company that does team building in Tampa that is well-known throughout the region for the events they host. Group Team Builders is one of the leaders in working with companies and organizations to create better workflow through the development and encouragement of cooperation, collaboration, communication, and teamwork. They know and understand the research on the benefits and how activities can yield the desired benefits.

Plan a fun family event.

 It can be as simple as renting a bounce house, a giant Jenga game, and grilling hotdogs. Fun free events that allow employees to include their families is a great way to boost morale by making your employees feel valued. There is a saying that goes: “Make someone feel appreciated, and they will do more than expected.” This is incredibly true. A company can host a picnic or family fun day for relatively low cost, but the benefits of doing that will be overwhelming. Not only will employees feel more motivated to work hard, but they will be more loyal, which promotes employee retention.

Give holiday gifts.

 Many companies have gotten away from holiday gifts due to financial cutbacks as well as a fear of offending people of different religious backgrounds. While it is important to be mindful of different beliefs within the office, you can choose a time of year that is not directly affiliated with a specific religious holiday. For example, you may choose to provide a New Year’s gift to employees. Or you can choose something more personal, as each employee’s anniversary with the company. You can also make it a bit fun by choosing the company’s anniversary. It doesn’t matter what you choose to celebrate or how you choose to celebrate it; people love gifts. It doesn’t even need to be a big gift. Anything that shows employees your genuine appreciation will work. Employee gifts make them feel appreciated and will evoke the same positive results as a team-building activity or family picnic.

There are dozens of ways to carry out each of these three suggestions. If you are unsure of what to do or how to do it, hiring professionals that plan these types of activities for a living is probably the best route to take. While it may cost more than planning something internally, it will be better organized and more focused on the end goal. Additionally, when working on improving workplace skills, lessons may be received better by an outside professional, as opposed to their supervisor.

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