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Tips for Building a Successful Online Presence for Your Lash Business

Without a strong online presence, your business is basically just waiting to be noticed by the right people. As you may have guessed, that won’t happen unless you reach them with a strong sales message.

Lucky for you, cosmetic businesses are all the rage—especially since more and more makeup artists are popping up every single day waiting to get their hands on new products. And who knows? Your lash company could become their new go-to.

That still requires a lot of effort on your part. You might sell the best magnetic faux mink lashes in the biz, but you have to use the right communication tactics to get them out there. Here’s how you can do it.

Discover Your Target Audience

For a lash business, a “typical” target audience would be makeup artists and Instagram influencers, for instance. But of course, that’s a loose conclusion. You must know exactly who’s buying your lashes, what their favorite lash styles are, and how much they’re willing to pay for your product. Without the specifics, you won’t sell as much.


Figuring out your audience takes work, but it’s simple. You can do it by sending out surveys and studying the analytics of whatever platform you’re using. This way, you’ll know who visits your site, who buys what, and it’ll be easier to create content around your customers’ preferences.

Outsource SEO Services

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a staple when it comes to a good online presence. If worked into your marketing strategy, SEO can put your business in front of your competitors.

A lot of different factors can make or break any company’s online visibility:

  • An easy-to-navigate page.
  • Readable content that resonates with users.
  • Social media attention.
  • Quality keyword research.

You could learn SEO tactics on your own, but the basics won’t cut it. For the best results, hiring professional SEO services is recommended.


Create Catchy Product Descriptions

What does your lash company offer that others don’t?

If you sell magnetic faux mink lashes, you can write well-crafted content about how your products are cruelty-free (since they’re faux mink, a synthetic material). Besides, you can write about how your faux mink collection is much better than regular eyelash extensions: they don’t stick to your natural lashes, there’s no need to trim lashes or add glue, and they won’t damage your lash line. They’re literally magnets! For even more credibility, you can add text boxes dedicated to customer testimonials at the beginning, middle, or end of the page.

Just note that people aren’t much into reading nowadays, so make your copy snappy and your word count shorter whenever possible. The number of characters you use is important for titles and meta descriptions, which must have a specific word count. A good word count tool will certainly help you with your writing.

Focus on Exceptional Customer Service

Magnetic lashes are a new thing for lots of people. To avoid returns and earn customer loyalty, post tutorials on how to apply magnetic lashes, how to fit them to your eye shape, how to apply mascara afterward, and how to care for the lashes. Your customers will thank you. Here are other steps you can take to earn customers that not only buy from you but tell everyone about your brand:

  • Offer a 10 percent discount on the first purchase.
  • Offer free shipping.
  • Set a 30-day money-back guarantee.

These tips will help customers not to give up on the cart at checkout. The more risk-free the purchase, the more chances you have of making a sale.


Finally, each one of these tips boils down to one thing: your customer’s attention. Once you’ve gotten in front of the right audience and proven them your product is worth it, it’s a win-win situation.

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