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Women in Trucking: Navigating a Male Dominated Industry

We currently live in a world where stereotypes are being dismembered every single day. Engineering, programming, construction, mining, and trucking are industries women couldn’t dream of entering. The transportation industry is incredibly unique because there aren’t that many women present.

In fact, research released by the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics shows that there are three million truck drivers in the nation, but only a measly 6% are women. As with every other male-dominated sector, women don’t have it easy. Regardless of their years of experience or expertise, every woman in the industry needs a few tips to help her brave the road ahead.

1. Don’t suppress your femininity.


The last time we checked, it’s not a crime to be a woman. Yet many women have to suppress their femininity to get by in the trucking industry. They wear their hair more masculine, they adopt male mannerisms, and even dress differently. Of course, it makes no sense to wear six-inch stilettos or a micro mini skirt to work, but a nice, stylish petite blazer is very practical.

Wearing a smart blazer is also a great way to maintain professionalism at work. Additionally, your waist doesn’t have to disappear just because you’re heading to work. You can opt for a stylish blazer that defines your silhouette such as those found at Chico’s. At this online store, you can buy comfortable work clothing ranging from outwear to long-sleeve blouses. With 600 boutiques worldwide and multiple retail partners and subsidiaries, their reach is far spread.

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2. Stay on the radar.


Being out on the road all day can take a toll on anyone; male or female. The thing is, women will always be viewed as the most vulnerable either way. With that in mind, you need to think up ways to stay on the radar and remain visible. Devices like the Master eld can help in such cases. It comes with many useful features such as GPS tracking and location sharing.

The device equally offers a powerful suite of tools for fleet and vehicle owners. Alongside being an efficient navigation device, it also incorporates driver scorecards, customer updates, access to historical route data, historical reporting, and vehicle diagnostics. It’s also worth mentioning that the design is very intuitive, while the device itself is easy to install. Altogether, it does a lot more than keep you on the radar.

3. Be self-confident.


It may not be the easiest thing to do, especially when you’re the new kid on the block, but it’s necessary. Women are still trying to find their identity in the trucking industry, hence why you need to exude confidence. This isn’t one of those times where picking the biggest person in the room and punching them works. Simply acknowledge the fact that you know your opinions and apply all that knowledge to the work at hand. Just remember, even when you’re winging it, confidence is everything.

4. Don’t take everything to heart.

In a male-dominated industry, it’s difficult to be sentimental. Best believe that no one is going to spoonfeed you, and it can get frustrating. Women are powerhouses, with many strong emotions. However, this can sometimes make working in the trucking industry tedious. Truckers aren’t the suavest group, and tempers may rage high at times. Once you’ve cooled down, brush it off and start a very new day on a clean slate.

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