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3 Products Designed To Beat the Heat

Extreme temperatures are unpleasant, and spending time outdoors can be uncomfortable when temperatures fall or rise. There are also safety risks. Skin can freeze in half an hour when temperatures fall, and in the hot summer months, your skin can burn in 15 minutes. People are also at risk of suffering heat exhaustion or heat stroke in summer, which can be fatal.

Global temperatures are on the rise. Consequently, most people are experiencing hotter temperatures than ever before. Fortunately, there are some ways to stay comfortable and safe during heatwaves. Let’s look at three types of products that you can use to beat the heat.

1. Invest in an ice maker.


Cold drinks offer welcome relief from heat and humidity, but it can be tricky to keep beverages cool when you take them outside, which is one reason why you’ll benefit from having ice you can put in your drink to keep it cool.

Making ice cubes is simple if you invest in a portable ice maker. Countertop ice makers don’t take up much kitchen space, but they produce 1.5 pounds of ice in minutes. You can choose between small and medium ice cubes based on your preferences, enabling you to make small cubes you can put in water bottles with narrow openings. The best ice makers are environmentally friendly and reuse melted water from cubes you haven’t removed. When you need ice, fill the water reservoir and adjust the settings.

You can use ice cubes to keep drinks cool. You can also pop a bag of ice against your neck to help you feel cooler. Fill buckets with ice and use them to store beverages outside if you’re going on a picnic or having an outdoor gathering. Also, you can add ice to your dog’s water bowl. Many dogs enjoy chewing ice cubes and having ice on hand ensures you can offer your pup cold water when you go on walks or visit local dog parks.

2. Pool accessories can provide relief from the heat.


Many people opt to add a pool to their backyard, mainly in warm states where temperatures can soar. Spending time by the pool can alleviate stress, and going for a swim can offer some relief from the heat.

There are plenty of pool accessories you’ll need to make the most of your pool, such as pool covers, pool brushes, and skimmers. In addition to those accessories, it’s a great idea to invest in a Sun Defender floating shade. The base holds an umbrella and floats, enabling you to add some shade to your pool. It’s easy to assemble and disassemble, enabling you to pack it up and take it with you if you’re heading to your cottage or a beach house. The umbrella fabric blocks sunlight, protecting your skin from cancer-causing ultraviolet (UV) rays.

3. Air conditioners maintain comfortable indoor temperatures.


Many homes have heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems. People who own homes that don’t have central air can add portable air conditioners (ACs) to their houses.

Air conditioners draw in warm air and send that air over the evaporator coils, which absorb the heat. The heat’s then expelled outside, and the cool air’s blown back into the room, lowering the room’s temperature. HVAC systems can regulate the temperature throughout a house or building, while smaller air conditioners may only lower the temperature in one room.

Homeowners should invest in routine HVAC or AC maintenance each spring to ensure their air conditioning system’s ready for summer. HVAC technicians replace filters that keep pollutants from recirculating. They also clean the drain pan and compressor, removing any mold growing inside your unit. HVAC techs also repair or replace worn parts.

Staying cool lets you enjoy the summer months and protect yourself from heat exhaustion and heatstroke. Ice makers, pool umbrellas, and air conditioners are great tools you can use to beat the summer heat.

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