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What Services Does Verkada Provide?

It’s important to be able to ensure the safety of yourself and others at all times. Whether it’s employees of your business, a tenant in your building, or a customer in the parking lot, there’s always a need for surveillance for the protection and well-being of others. That’s where companies like Verkada are changing the game. With new means of security and surveillance technology, Verkada is giving a new look to security services.

Cloud-Based Management


As a leading security company, Verkada offers a tailored security system for maximum convenience and safety at all times. Verkada cloud-based video security cameras and access management equipment promote proper security across multiple locations and at all hours. This allows companies of any size to streamline their business operations while providing foolproof security with Verkada systems. Surveillance systems are able to create access across all sites from smartphones or web browsers from any location, fully encrypted with cloud security.

A cloud-based security service offers simplicity with the help of a centralized software platform. This allows for access across multiple business locations and devices from one secure and unified platform with Verkada Command. Seamless cloud-based access control and video-monitoring technology help to create the most optimized system for your business’s or building’s needs. Users can conveniently manage all security devices and business locations from one web-based software platform. Verkada’s smooth integration of access control and video monitoring provides real-time visibility with an intuitive interface.

Live Access Feeds and Links


Verkada’s live access feeds let users monitor any activity via a live feed of door-access events. This system establishes a rolling feed of live security footage taken across multiple facilities and identifies all users entering and exiting with certain permissions. Verkada Command lets users easily share access to building sites and surveillance camera footage with other authorized users via a link or SMS. Users can choose the duration of time access granted and can easily add, edit, and revoke access rights. This allows companies to easily share information and footage with law enforcement or physical security in a variety of scenarios.

With Verkada, business or building users can use the time-lapse feature to view 24 hours of footage in under 30 seconds. Hourly and daily time-lapses are available, along with bounding boxes and threaded thumbnails for easy identification and clear viewing in different use cases. These services continuously add advanced new security features with cloud-based updates that load automatically to a Verkada system upon login. These new applications only further enhance the security capabilities of everything from a large-scale enterprise to a startup small business.

Person and Vehicle Analytics


Data can be collected by a Verkada Command system across all locations, gaining actionable business insights and better painting a complete picture of commercial security. This is done by connecting thousands of devices to one software platform, creating unified and modern enterprise security. Verkada video analytics recognize every person and vehicle that enters your property, letting you as the lot owner search for people and vehicles using various attributes, such as appearance and car model. This personal touch is incredibly useful for law enforcement in situations involving theft, assault, or other criminal activity.

Verkada’s enterprise applications also offer up innovative motion-plotting capabilities that let users track movement across all sites and view motion across floor plans in real time. With evolving and new applications, this security system can actually use heat maps to accurately detect people in your building. Live event previews, video feeds, and historical footage are also easily accessible. Verkada has a great deal to offer beyond physical security and limitless surveillance opportunities to keep all those around as safe as possible.

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