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3 Trends That Will Drive Consumer Behavior in 2021

Consumer behavior is reactive, but consumers also act to drive new and changing trends throughout the year and across time. Whether it be a fad that explodes among teens or kids or a life-changing application that turns budgeting, medicine, or travel on its head, the relationship between consumers and the creators that serve them is something special.

These trends are powerful undercurrents that will change the way consumers interact with one another and with the providers they know and love.

1. Online Shopping

Digital purchasing is not a new trend, but with the coronavirus pandemic sending us all indoors for the better part of 2020, and looking to continue for months into this new year, online spending is only going to keep increasing. Shoppers take full advantage of the digital storefront that outlets like Amazon provide (to the tune of over $230 billion collectively). However, the larger retailers like Amazon don’t own the whole pie. Businesses across the spectrum are reimagining their product lines in terms of digital marketing and sales.

This includes the cryptocurrency revolution that is placing Ethereum, Bitcoin, and others at the forefront of consumer and investor thought. Buying Ethereum with a credit card has become as commonplace as frequenting your local retailer for groceries or new clothing. The changeover that has seen online shopping take the lead in our society has made for a unique opportunity for all businesses that can and do sell online. If you aren’t already offering your products through a digital store, now is the time to create one.

2. Automation in Daily Life

Automation is a growing trend that is meant to provide a new sense of relaxation and ease to our lives. However, this provides a new risk as well that must be managed. Accidents involving Google’s driverless cars are on the rise as these automated systems become a greater presence in our routines.

Automation means the introduction of autonomous vehicles on the roadways to go alongside human drivers, but it also means that consumers are going to continue introducing smart devices into their homes to make life easier. This change from manual to automated task completion in the home and elsewhere will require businesses to continue innovating and building in this space, making room for many companies to create unique solutions to life’s daily problems.

3. Healthcare Advances

Consumers are also demanding advancements in the healthcare sector. Many changes here are a product of the unsettled nature of consumers in 2020, and their fears of a continuation for the long haul. One way that consumers — and you — can battle against this increased anxiety is by adding CBD to your at-home relaxation routine.

CBD products offer the relaxation factor of other cannabinoids and essential oils, but without the intoxicating side effects that are commonly associated with marijuana. CBD is a great addition to your relaxation routine and helps to ease sore muscles, reduce inflammation, and eradicate anxiety. CBD products also come in a number of different formats, from CBD oil to CBD bath bombs to CBD gummies and other snacks.

The over-the-counter solutions to our common health concerns are growing in number and intensity, reducing the overall reliance on prescriptions and expensive traditional outlets for medical advice. Taking control of your own health puts you in the driver’s seat and can save you a huge amount of money in the process.

The consumer landscape is changing for the better. Whether you are a customer looking for new ways to treat the issues that are plaguing your life or a business seeking new avenues for expansion, you can’t overlook these trends in spending habits and patronage.

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