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Can You Run a Church From Your Home?

Churches represent a lot of different things for many people. These are the places where people go to worship. These are homes of worship where individuals seek to become closer to God. Churches are places where people go to fellowship with others of their respective faiths, finding a sense of companionship with them. Churches represent all this and much more to the many visitors who attend church services throughout the year. In some cases, there are those who seek a smaller place of worship when it comes to their religious needs.

Though a smaller church can be an option for those seeking this type of environment, house churches are becoming another go-to option. A house church is a group of Christians who gather for worship at private homes. Such groups have more of a focus on creating an authentic community, while also training participants of the church to live out their faith on a daily basis. At one point statistics were showing that 9 percent of adults in the United States were attending house churches. This totaled to approximately 20 million people. During a typical month, approximately 43 million adults in the United States attended a house church. With this rising trend, many people are taking the step to create a house church. Running a house church is possible with taking the correct steps. Below we’ll answer the question of how to run a church from your home.

Pray on it.


The first step you’ll need to take when looking into figuring out how to run a church from home is to first pray on the matter. Prayer provides you with the spiritual direction needed in making such a major life choice This can help you to determine if turning your dining room or living room of your new home into the meeting area of a new house church is a good idea. Do you want to open your front door to complete strangers who have no other connection to you outside of your respective faiths? Is it a good idea to use Sundays to make your home a meeting place where New Testament stories are read?

Prayer can help to answer this question and many more as you receive spiritual direction to help make these decisions. More often than not, such difficult decisions can only be made via the strength of God. After a bit of prayer, a lot of people often decide that creating a house church is the right way to go.

Buy church supplies.

Just as with any major undertaking, you need to supply yourself with the correct tools. The same can be said for your home church. Common items that you’ll need for a home church include books, Bibles, curriculum, worship resources, candles, and church supplies. The great thing is you can get items like these at retailers like Cokesbury VBS. These items can help you turn living spaces in your own house, such as living rooms and dining rooms, into worship areas for new visitors.

Determine how to set up your house church.


When you decide to make your own home into a house church, you’ll want to turn it into an actual church. Begin by purchasing those church supplies from places like Cokesbury VBS. Make sure you have enough seats in your dining room for your church visitors. Make sure your furnishings, décor color, home décor, and interior design reflect the aesthetic of a religious institution. Study those ways on how to decorate a house when you’re just starting out with your house church.

Simple tips that you can follow to do this might include updating the paint color or accent color for a particular room. This might also involve adding religious adornments to the living room or dining room where the service will be held. Also, add your own personal style to this religious interior design makeover. This will help you with building your house church for future visitors to your home.

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