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4 Automation Tips for Your Canna-business

Artificial intelligence and automation were but figments of the imagination not so long ago, and now they completely govern many of the most critical business processes. Everyone from executives and creative teams to factory workers is benefiting from automated tasks, and to the surprise of many AI naysayers, man and machine are getting along famously. After all, it’s kind of hard not to like something that makes your job easier.

Being that the cannabis industry is relatively new, it makes sense that it’s an industry that’s catching on to artificial intelligence and automated processes later than others. However, that also means that getting on the ball now could give you a competitive edge over the rest of the field and help to make your canna-business the cream of the crop in its market. Whether it’s creative automation for graphic design or automating the inventory processes for your eCommerce business, it’s time to start letting some of your operations take care of themselves. Continue reading to learn some tips for automating important business processes to make your company more productive and efficient.

1. Use automation to simplify web design and packaging.


Branding is everything when you’re launching a new business. The cannabis industry is growing quickly, so you must put together a marketing campaign that can set your company apart from the rest and give it a rememberable and likable identity.

Designing a logo for your brand and packaging for your cannabis oil and different strains of marijuana are critical aspects of branding and marketing your brand. Even if you’re good at graphic design, wouldn’t you accept any kind of help that could speed up and ease the creative process?

One of the reasons the Monarch vape cartridge is so popular is the artsy design of the Monarch pen and Monarch cartridge. Through creative automation processes, the creative teams that worked on the design were able to ensure that every Monarch looks the same without having to set variants for each creative production.

Believe it or not, it’s not selling out for creatives to use technology to help them enhance their projects. For instance, with creative automation tools like those created by Chili Publish, you can automate much of the creative process. By automating workflows and creating templates with variants set to your liking, you can ensure brand consistency across different platforms from ads to packaging.

2. With machine learning technology, you can build an IT infrastructure that can automate adjustments in real-time.


Machine learning technology is one of the most important technological developments of the past two decades. It can be seen in everything from upgraded traffic lights to web applications that consumers love such as Netflix and Youtube.

So, what is machine learning? Machine learning is a process by which computers recognize trends in data and behavior and make adjustments accordingly. This is most commonly used by companies to enhance the customer experience through the personalization or options according to consumers’ likings.

Machine learning and automation are crucial features in the field of cybersecurity. The importance of cybersecurity was made clear in May of 2021 when the Colonial Pipeline was hacked and held hostage using ransomware. As a result of that security breach, the whole east coast of the U.S. experienced a fuel shortage, the panic of which spread across the entire United States, causing shortages in otherwise unaffected areas. Furthermore, the targeted company had to pay $5 million for the attacker to relinquish control of the pipeline back to its rightful stewards.

CastleLock is a cybersecurity consulting firm that knows how to use the latest technological advancements like artificial intelligence and automation to keep your IT infrastructure safe. Their automated system monitors your infrastructure and reports data, trends, and disturbances in real-time while simultaneously working to keep intruders at bay.

3. Start small and automate more of your business processes as your company grows.


One of the biggest mistakes business owners make is trying to grow their IT capabilities too quickly. The great thing about most enterprise applications these days is they offer scalability, meaning you can grow your IT infrastructure with your company.

The goal of automating business processes is to make your company more efficient and save money. However, if you try to go too big too soon with integrating automation into your business operations, you could end up producing the opposite of the desired effects.

The best thing you can do is take your time and start small when introducing automation into your company. The ultimate goal should be for your company, personnel, and IT infrastructure to grow together.

4. When inputting workflows, start with the ending.


Some writing teachers will tell you that the best way to write an essay is to start by writing your conclusion and work backward from there. Did you know that you can apply that same trick to creating workflows?

When you start from the desired result of a workflow and create backward from there, you ensure that your process ends where you want it to. Furthermore, by testing at each step, once you make it to the beginning of a workflow, you’ll know the entire process is just the way you want it.

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