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4 Effective Ways to Attract Clients to Your Salon

The salon business can be tough. After all, while some people are happy to form relationships with their stylist, the second that stylist moves on to another employer, you may find yourself loving swaths of customers. At the same time, many people just look for the latest coupon in order to save a few bucks on their hair cut or beauty treatment. Both of these facts can often make it seem as if you’ve got little hope as a small business owner running a salon.

Although it might feel that way, fret not! There are dozens of actionable steps that you can take in order to make your salon more attractive to customers and encourage repeat business. Here are just four of the best ways to achieve your salon’s goals—try a few of them this month and see what difference they can make!

Invest in innovative treatments to stay ahead of the curve

One of the best ways to show your customers how you’re different from the competition is to always offer the latest and greatest when it comes to your salon and spa treatments. One easy way to stay ahead of the curve is by introducing essential oils and other more natural products into your repertoire. This can appeal to customers in a wide variety of angles, from attracting customers who care about the environment and sustainability to growing your base of customers who may already use essential oils in their own homes.

For example, it might make sense to start using rose oil for face treatments that you give your clients. Rose oil has a broad array of benefits for the skin, from reducing someone’s wrinkles to nourishing skin while also disinfecting it. Of course, all of these benefits only occur if you invest in high-quality rose oils that are truly natural such as those from Visagenics. Plus, with wholesale pricing, you’ll be able to save on the items you need to gain an edge, too.

Offer a high-class experience

Nobody goes to a salon or spa without expecting to get pampered. Part of that has to do with the image your business projects, and not just how you treat your customers. If you don’t currently have a dress code, instituting something upscale could help attract more customers and even get them to pay more. Whether that’s encouraging your staff members to wear womens blazers in colors that match your branding or instituting advice about accessories, there are plenty of ways to add a bit more class to your business through your employees’ fashion.

Use targeted marketing and local SEO to your advantage

An ideal way to start bringing in more locals to your business is to use targeted marketing based on your geographic location. Even running a simple first-time customer promotion to anyone in a five-mile radius on social media could result in a big boost in interest and reservations. Beyond paid marketing campaigns, by boosting your local SEO (search engine optimization) you can also help others find out about your business organically.

Start a loyalty program!

If you’re struggling to get customers to return to your spa or salon (even after a great experience!) consider starting up a loyalty program. There are a variety of ways you can do this, from offering app-based loyalty programs that encourage customers to earn points to making it even easier to schedule a future appointment with their smartphone. Incorporating several customer needs into one app can ultimately reduce points of friction along the purchase process, as well as offer you the ability to incentivize repeat business. For customers and spa owners, the end result is a win-win!

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