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Different IT Jobs to Inspire You

There are myriad reasons why someone might be interested in a career as a computer science professional. For one, with the increasing digitization of the world, this career path lends a whole lot of job security. The tech realm is only expanding, and there are only more jobs out there every day. Another reason is the wide variety of real-world applications that someone with a certificate as a network engineer or IT professional can take on. Want to design an online learning platform? Well, there are educators and learners out there who need your skills. Want to protect unassuming consumers from online predatory practices? Good news! There are plenty of jobs out there for people who understand the fundamentals of cybersecurity.

With all that being said, let’s take a look at some of the IT jobs out there that may be the right fit for you and what new skills you’ll be learning as you move towards certification.

A network engineer can be a major asset for a small business


One common career path for those interested in the realm of computer science involves getting a certification as a Cisco-approved network engineer. Getting yourself network engineer training is a great way to get started in a bunch of industries, which is why many learners go that route. The technical skills you’ll gain make you very attractive to a number of employers, and many of those are entrepreneurs who are launching small businesses. After all, just because entrepreneurs have a great idea doesn’t mean they have the technical know-how to make it happen. They need network engineering pros like you to put together their online platforms and keep them safe. Of course, entrepreneurs launch small businesses in a plethora of realms every day of the week, which means that you’ll never be bored as a network engineer.

Provide cybersecurity for online learning platforms


If 2020 (and 2021) taught us anything, it was that a whole lot of our lives can be lived on online platforms. One area in which this was especially evident was education, as millions of learners began to take individual courses and fulfill assignments via various e-learning platforms. Professors and educators for every age group had to learn how to provide a stellar learning experience on the web, and they (mostly) did a fabulous job doing so. Plus, adult learners began to make use of the learning platform options out there (Moodle, Coursera, Skillshare, Udemy, and the like) to learn new skills—from how to write a book to honing new languages. While that’s a great thing, all of these learners, administrators, and instructors need their information system to be 100% secure. This is where you swoop in and save the day! With your certification as a cybersecurity pro, you can allow everyone to enjoy learning without worrying that their credit card information, home address, email address, or other information could be compromised by unsavory individuals.

Get involved with a graphic design firm


Are you more of a creative type? If so, the next step for you may be getting involved in a graphic design firm and helping these artistic pros get their jobs done. By providing insights into potential weaknesses in their networks, or even developing custom software as a software developer, you can be the reason that they’re able to excel at project management. The employers you work for may need someone with experience in the IT field to keep their computer lab up and running so that they can focus on creating social media campaigns on Adobe Photoshop. With a certificate in the computer science realm, you’ll be a great addition to any graphic design firm.

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