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Equipment You Can Rent Instead of Purchasing

Many brands struggle with balancing equipment needs with the potentially costly price tag that any one piece of gear might ring up at. Equipment can be incredibly expensive, and business leaders often require heavy-duty or highly professionalized equipment that drives the price up even higher. While a hobby photographer might consider a $600 camera for their next purchase, business needs will often demand a model that can fetch 10 times that price point. For staging homes, creating product advertisements, and more, equipment needs are often exacting and exhaustive for business use.

One way around this though is with rented equipment. The truth is that an expensive camera rig, copier, or even the building your business works out of doesn’t have to be owned by your operation. In fact, in many instances, it’s actually advantageous to remain out of the realm of ownership altogether. This can make physical movements and brand agility far more competitive for you and your team.

Without the intense overheads that owning equipment brings into the fold, you have more operational leeway and can bring in pieces of equipment that you need for a particular job and then send these items right back to where they came from with little hassle or headache.

Vehicles are some of the first things to add to a rental list.


Rental companies in the van, car and other vehicle space are in abundance. There are a huge variety of different ways to rent cargo vans and other transportation equipment that can fit any needs that you and your firm might have. Cargo van rentals are particularly popular, but getting your rental from a company that works as a partner to your business rather than a service is a key element in your ultimate success here. Cargo vans are a versatile transportation solution and can help you when bringing goods to or from your warehouse, or even in the event that you decide to move your operations to a new facility across town (or even beyond that). Some firms opt to maintain a small fleet of vans for their needs, and with a rental partner, keeping a quality resource like this in top condition is simple and affordable.

Some companies won’t need constant standby vehicles, though, and for these brands, having a partner that is always ready to lend a hand (or van) is a must.

Product branding equipment is also a necessity for any business.


Businesses are in the market to sell something to consumers or other businesses. No matter what kind of product you create and provide to clients, the ability to market these resources is a must. With NYC production rentals, bringing in photography, film, and lighting solutions that meet the unique needs of your product, business space, and more can be done in a flash. Businesses rely heavily on the use of rented photo and film production equipment because these elements aren’t an everyday necessity, and they are often prohibitively expensive for small businesses.

Camera equipment, staging utilities, and the digital marketing production process itself can be a challenge for those who aren’t well-versed in these areas. By renting equipment, you can get the specialized additions that you need at a great price point. The need to store and protect these investments is mitigated by renting equipment, too. This gives you the greatest possible flexibility in your ongoing operations for the long term.

With equipment rental, you can stave off the expenses that come along with the process of sourcing and buying the high-quality equipment that your business relies on for its operational efficiency and success.

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