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3 Resources To Know About When Dealing With Commerical Properties

Properties come in many shapes and sizes. The property type indicates its purpose, and every community’s peppered with an assortment of public, private residential, and commercial properties. Public properties are structures or plots of land owned by a city, state, or federal government. These include national, state, and local parks. Individuals own and occupy residential […]

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Business and Finance

Digital Practices To Adopt for the Success of Your Business

There’s no denying that technology has streamlined the operations of businesses in this digital age. Today, many successful companies have adopted different digital practices to generate positive business outcomes. These digital practices comprise the use of the internet, social media, mobile devices, search engines, and other digital channels to reach potential consumers. Adopting any of […]

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The Importance of Exploring Non-Traditional Loan Options

The 2007-2008 economic decline has left a lasting impact on mainstream financial institutions. Since then, many banks and traditional lenders have become reluctant to finance small businesses and other borrowers who require cash for personal needs. Nevertheless, many non-traditional lenders have entered the marketplace to offer alternative financing options to businesses and borrowers. As a […]

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