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Skills Needed as an Office Assistant for a Trucking Company

The trucking industry is the backbone of the American economy. These businesses require a lot of personnel and moving pieces to work efficiently and effectively. However, one position that doesn’t get the attention it deserves is the office assistant. Office assistants need considerable skills to perform this important job and help the trucking business stay on track and on time. So, what skills does an office assistant need for a trucking company? Today, we’ll explore this position and what skills are necessary to do well. Let’s get started.

What is an office assistant for a trucking business?

An office assistant for a trucking business helps with the organization and running of daily administrative operations for the company. As an office assistant, you should have the skills necessary to take on various office support tasks, such as communicating with clients over email and phone, keeping track of schedules, filing invoices, and more. In addition, office assistants for trucking companies have the added responsibility of familiarizing themselves with the Department of Transportation (DOT) regulations. Let’s take a closer look at some of the more notable duties and skills in detail.

Office assistants will need to know how to accept payments through various avenues.


Most people familiar with the trucking industry know that the primary payment method for clients is through an invoice billed to the client. This payment method will be the most frequently used way for the office assistant to accept, process, and keep track of client payments. Therefore, the office assistant will need to know how to write up an invoice when necessary and process direct payments from clientele’s bank accounts.

However, a billed invoice with an attached bank account isn’t the only companies pay for their transportation services nowadays. It’s no longer uncommon for a client to come into the office to pay directly with a debit or credit card. So, to effectively perform the responsibilities of office assistants, they’ll need to know how to operate the various credit card machines on the market today. A credit card machine can come in many different styles and setups now. Therefore, it’s crucial to familiarize oneself with traditional payment terminals, mobile credit card terminals, and wireless payment terminals to feel comfortable in any setting.

Office assistants need the skills and knowledge to secure services for the trucking business.


In addition to the typical job responsibilities of any office assistant, such as accepting payments, taking calls, and greeting clients, the responsibility of securing services for the company may fall to the office assistant sometimes. For example, if the trucking business is looking for a new commercial truck insurance policy, the office assistant may be the person to do this. Therefore, they’ll need to know the best places to search for truck insurance quotes and find suitable trucking coverage options for the company’s needs. So, aside from simply looking for insurance policies, they’ll need to be familiar with the company’s previous policy, their current needs, and keep track of the budget the company has set aside for an insurance policy.

An office assistant will need in-depth knowledge of computer systems.


Unfortunately, no office assistant job is as simple as typing in some data on the computer from time to time. The office assistant will need to be familiar with the trucking company’s data entry system, time-tracking system, invoice logs, and much more. In addition, they will keep track of scheduling, truck routes, and communication with on-the-road truck drivers. Therefore, an office assistant will need a wide variety of knowledge on systems, fast-typing skills, and quality communication skills as well.

The office assistant is an integral part of any trucking company.

Office assistants certainly don’t get enough credit for the work they do. These people need to have a broad skillset to handle an ever-changing environment with constantly evolving responsibilities.

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