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Where Can I Find Props for My Movie?

The Roundhay Garden Scene is a black-and-white film that is the oldest known motion picture. Created in 1888, it’s just a few seconds long.

Motion pictures have evolved since then. Filmmakers learned to add color in the early 1900s, and in the 1930s, movies also featured sound. Today, aspiring filmmakers can make millions from successful films. Whether you dream of writing and acting in your films or have your heart set on a role behind the camera, you may start out filling multiple roles on your movie set. Let’s look at some places you can turn to for movie set props.

Rental Companies


Movie studio rentals make it easy to get essential items you need for your film shoot. A New York (NY) film studio provides a secure film location that’s soundproof and protected from the elements. When you book your film studio rental in NYC, you can add essential items, such as lights and sound equipment. They also supply folding chairs, tables, tents, wire, paint, traffic cones, trash cans, plywood, fabric, rope, fog machines, and tools for building set pieces or scenes you’re filming. You can also take advantage of their carts, on-site cafe, and on-site bar.

You aren’t limited to on-site rental options, either. Take your equipment rental off-site and have all the essentials delivered to your film location. A great way to take advantage of natural light involves filming on location, but you can rent all the lighting equipment needed to ensure you get the shots you need during your film shoot.

Fashion Jewelry and Costume Designers


Creating the perfect movie involves attention to detail. Cast costumes are crucial when you’re setting a tone or invoking a historical period in your film. You may turn to a costume designer to create original pieces for your production, ensuring each item of clothing’s tailored to the actor and the design aesthetic.

Complement those pieces with stunning jewelry from leading jewelry designers such as Kristen Diana Designs. You’ll find stud earrings, teardrop studs, pearl hoops, and button drop earrings, in addition to an assortment of bracelets and pendant or round necklace options. Whether you’re looking for pearls, onyx, or blue howlite jewelry, you’ll find plenty of options to consider.

Antique Shops


Antique shops are a great option when you’re searching for props. Some people don’t realize antique shops feature more than just old furniture. Filming a historical movie? Head to antique stores for Victorian Christmas cards and old newspapers. You can also find classic Christmas ornaments, which are perfect if you’re filming a Christmas scene for a historical film. You can also find old purses and outfits, which could serve as design inspiration or be restored and worn in your film.

Antique stores can also offer treasures for contemporary or fantasy movies. You can find things like stained glass windows you can use to create set pieces. Other items you can find at antique stores that you might need include baskets, pottery, and dishes.

Festivals and Farmers’ Markets


Art and book festivals can be great places to secure props. These events include artisans selling clothing, costumes, toys, decorations, and practical items, such as blankets and quilts. Depending on what you need for your film, you might be surprised at the unique items you can find at festivals.

Artisans also sell goods at farmers’ markets, and this might be a great option if there isn’t a festival in your area. You may be able to find things such as paintings, crocheted blankets, drawings, sculptures, or pottery. You may also meet artisans you can hire to create custom pieces for your film.

Although heading to a prop store might seem like the obvious choice when shopping for set pieces for your film, you can also consider renting set pieces. Turn to designers and artists for costumes, jewelry, and other items. You may also find set-pieces at antique stores.

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