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How To Maximize Your Security Efforts

Businesses and households require robust forms of security engineering and unique technologies to protect assets. Each year, the United States’ law enforcement authorities record about a million burglary cases, costing states and other stakeholders up to $120 billion in losses. Taking steps for optimum security can be a good choice whether you’re a business protecting buyers and products or an individual homeowner. Here are some tips to help maximize your security efforts.

Consult surveillance experts.


Security management goes beyond recording hours of video at every time of day and blowing alarms during emergencies. It involves detailed strategic planning and risk assessment efforts of security hotspots. Often, the right place to start is to enlist experts who understand your unique security needs through situational awareness and vulnerability studies. They’ll recommend security solutions like thermal monoculars that work well in light and dark conditions. There are several types of thermal monoculars out there. With features like display resolution, high magnification, day- and nighttime use, detection range, and Bluetooth connectivity, security experts can determine which security or thermal device can be the best choice for your business or household. For the most part, that’s a better option compared to fielding your security decisions with guesswork.

Network your CCTV cameras.

Security cameras have been a go-to for businesses seeking to record videos of open positions and sensitive locations for a long time. But companies like Verkada (a California engineering firm) have taken camera surveillance up a notch. Verkada Inc. began as a startup in San Mateo and builds cloud-based security systems for a wide range of clientele. Verkada’s command, for instance, is a web-based platform that gives its clients more control over its access control systems.

Verkada’s system affords property owners real-time live feed reporting even from remote locations. The firm specializes in making security cameras and reliable security system options for businesses of all kinds. Generally, security cameras can be a great way to maximize your security efforts. However, networked systems with a central controlling unit can make the surveillance more hands-on and hassle-free.

Have a proper access control system.

Access control refers to the level of control your business or household has over people who enter and exit your property. Access control management requires decisions to limit entry into a particular area. Anyone visiting your business or home without an accepted reference ID can be flagged as unauthorized access with access management systems. When the system detects a forceful entry, an alarm can go off to notify your internal security team for further security actions.

Limiting your access control systems to a very small team is a good choice. It also helps to stop access for former employees and limit access control to interns and other staff in early careers, as they’re not permanent.

Secure your data.


As IoT technologies and devices gain ground in the fourth industrial era, optimum security includes protecting sensitive data as much as tangible assets. Last year, there were over a thousand data breach cases in the United States alone. It’s not surprising that data experts predict even more cases as innovations deepen the world’s reliance on data. Burglary and cybersecurity are two different sides of the same coin. An external security firm may easily detect and manage a theft activity, but dealing with a group of hackers can be more daunting for businesses.

Now more than ever, items like username credentials, transaction details, and other essential digital documents need optimum protection as much as your new Tesla car. A screenshot might be the only thing hackers need to fraudulently access your files. It pays to deploy cybersecurity software to effectively protect your business’s sensitive data. Practicing a data-secure culture at your business or home can even be a more rewarding approach to maximize your security efforts.

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