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What Are Some Alternate Investment Ideas?

Alternative investing is a great way to continue building a portfolio of assets that will boost your financial future. Alternative investments make their mark in a diversified portfolio that can handle anything the market conditions may have to offer. With the addition of real estate, bullion, or collectibles, you can create a robust portfolio that takes advantage of a number of asset classes and creates the long term wealth that investors are looking for in their market buys.

Buying into unique investment opportunities is a great way to create a new stream of income for the here and now as well. With a boosted portfolio, you might consider making investing a larger part of your overall activities on a daily basis. Investors use their profits for all kinds of life events like moving to someplace like San Francisco. Purchasing a new home, whether it’s in the San Francisco Bay Area, Los Angeles, New York City, or elsewhere, is the dream of many investors, and with alternative investing additions that target larger dividends or return on investment potential, you can make this dream a reality.

Use alternative investing platforms to get you going.

Many investors who are looking to branch out of the traditional marketplace find platforms like Yieldstreet and wonder ‚Äòwhat is Yieldstreet, anyway?‚Äô It’s simple, actually. Yieldstreet is an alternative investment platform that operates much like a brokerage account to access the stock market, but gives its investors a new opportunity that can‚Äôt be found on Wall Street. Yieldstreet operates a series of mutual funds that invest in unique asset classes‚Äîparticularly, those with low correlation to stock market movements. This gives investors the ability to diversify their portfolio with a series of low correlation assets, meaning their fortunes are no longer tied to continued stock performance over the long term. While the stock market has seen incredible growth over the last decade, it may be poised for another downturn in the short term. Managing your portfolio with routine rebalancing efforts is the best way to spread out your assets so that a hit to one asset doesn‚Äôt result in a reduction in the value of all of them.

Try your hand at real estate.

Yieldstreet’s most important ventures are in real estate. These offer a take on the REIT (or Real Estate Investment Trust) model, but with the addition of managed properties and a mixture of residential and commercially zoned property types. Property assets give you a unique collateral leverage that other stock market purchases or collections that require specialized appraisal cannot deliver. This is why many borrowers love the rock bottom interest rate associated with their mortgage loan and routinely become second mortgage or refinance borrowers anew against the equity of their own home to make upgrades or to fund large purchases. Mortgage balances help defray beaten down interest rates on traditional bank account savings with Citi, Bank of America, and virtually all other lenders and banking institutions. Real estate has remained a powerful asset in the tool chest of many investors, and with the addition of a Yieldstreet buy in, you can take advantage of these same benefits without the additional risks.

Collect precious metals to hedge against the dollar.

Many investors like the addition of bullion to their collection as a hedge against the dollar’s constant fluctuation. With major uncertainties plaguing the market and its various subsidiaries throughout 2020, more investors than ever are turning to gold and silver bars and coins to provide a stable hand to their portfolio for the years ahead. With these asset classes, it’s important to remember that a buy and hold strategy is essential to seeing positive growth. The price action doesn’t move nearly as quickly in metals, but the long trending movement sees a consistent growth factor that will energize your holdings over the long term if you boost them with gold or silver assets.

Alternative investments are a great way to branch out and reduce your dependency on the stock market. If you’re considering this path, take a look at platforms like Yieldstreet that can help you navigate the world of alternative asset classes with ease.

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