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Gold Investments and Their Ongoing Value

Gold offers one of the most important asset classes for the accredited investor and borrower seeking out a new channel of alternative investing. Gold is a standard-bearer among investors looking to the long term, but these ounces of precious metal assets also provide a firm foundation for quick movements in the short term.

An ounce of gold is worth a pretty penny these days, and even the most cursory due diligence will tell you that. Because of the decoupling of the gold ounce and the U.S. dollar in the 1930s, and then the abandonment of the pegged price altogether in 1971, this collateral asset fluctuates in price just like a stock or real estate property might. The difference is the staying power of gold, silver, and other precious metal bullion and coins. Because gold is incredibly useful in industry, it functions as a dual-threat in the investment portfolio of a savvy, accredited investor.

Gold Mining Assets


One way in which investors make their money is through investment in gold mining outlets. The commodity must be raised from the earth, just like diamonds, oil, or any other resource that is crucial to industrial production in the United States and around the world.

This means that the “manufacture” of gold assets is directly tied to the output capacity of the firms that mine it, like Alamos Gold, Turkey. Alamos, just like any other firm, must find and exploit the resource in a sustainable way that provides the maximum benefit to the end-user, while carefully considering the minimum harm to the environment.

Alamos and others have gone to great lengths to perfect this minimum-maximum axis, and it has paid off handsomely. Stock in gold mining companies like the partially Kirazli-based, Alamos is on a long trending accumulation phase.

Gold as a Part of a Fund


Precious metals are a staple among fund managers. The Prism Fund, an offering from the Yieldstreet investment platform, is one great example of this prevalence. Because of the collateral value and relentless upward movement of an ounce of gold, fund managers have made this a favorite commodity to infuse stability into even the most volatile mix of alternative assets and traditional stock market holdings.

Yieldstreet is an industry leader on this front, and their Prism Fund combines six alternative investment assets with strong long-term stability in order to provide a fantastic commodity asset that produces a high yielding dividend to investors. For more on Yieldstreet read a prospectus and some Yieldstreet reviews.

Gold offers leverage.


Lastly, gold bullion holdings can help you secure funding for a future project at an extremely favorable interest rate. With the leverage that gold assets provide, you can take out a home loan in order to purchase a new real estate investment property or move into a new residential property yourself without the hassle of extensive bank documents or mortgage loan application forms and the origination documents that often complicate an otherwise streamlined process.

In addition to its value as a long-term asset, coins, bullion, or other types of gold holdings can form a powerful weapon in your strategy for expansive investing opportunities. Real estate buyers often pair these two asset classes together for this reason. The ability to quickly leverage one asset in order to make a rapid purchase that will ultimately provide rental income for the foreseeable future is a significant advantage for those looking to bolster their overall investment profile. Many investors look to real estate for the unbeatable dividend income, and gold is the rock-solid foundation that a complete, well-diversified portfolio can rest upon.

Utilize the power of gold in your own portfolio of assets with a targeted commodity buy. You’ll never look back once you begin down this road to exponential wealth growth.

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