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How To Get Started in Commodities and Alternative Investments

Investors are constantly on the hunt for a new angle after profit. Creating value growth, locking in dividend yields, and boosting cash assets are all important factors in the strategy of a retail investor and their accredited investor counterparts in the professional investment banking world.

Commodities and alternative investments operate on a higher level for many retail investors looking to incorporate that same edge that high net worth individuals enjoy. The sprawling marketplace for alternative investment products is a haven for investors looking to find any asset class: Gold bullion operates as a fantastic hedging object. At the same time, cryptocurrencies or real estate can provide you with the expanded gains you need to create serious wealth.

Getting started in the commodities and alternative investing space is easier than you might think, as well!

Start with a platform like Yieldstreet that specializes in alternative investment instruments.


The best way to learn about leveraging your capital in the alternative asset marketplace is through a fund like Yieldstreet’s Prism Fund. Many investors new to this sector of the marketplace might ask: “What is Yieldstreet?” Yet, upon delving into the financials and offer terms that Yieldstreet provides their clients, the platform becomes a staple in their investment portfolio.

Yieldstreet is a hub for all things diversification. A diverse portfolio of assets is crucial for an investor looking to create expansive gains, no matter the market conditions. This is why so many retail investors rely on bonds, gold, and cryptocurrency to go along with their holdings in the stock market. The more low correlation assets you can bring to bear, the better off you will find your financial situation during times of bear market trading on the NYSE.

Yieldstreet offers something to real estate-minded investors and those seeking alternative investment opportunities that most other platforms can, making it a great starting place for those looking to expand their holdings into new territory.

Consider gold bullion for long-term stability.


For firms like Alamos Gold, Turkey and the opportunities that new developments hold represent a primary area of focus. Alamos is one of the leading gold mining operations in North America, with mines and development projects in Canada, the United States, and Mexico. For Alamos and individual investors, gold offers a unique power that you can’t find in any other investment-grade asset. Gold is a precious metal that has been utilized for centuries in jewelry and financial instruments, but its sway as an investment far exceeds its luster.

Gold is a dual-threat commodity that enjoys near-perennial price inflation and long-term staying power unmatched instability by all but low-interest government bonds. Where gold bullion diverges, however, is in its value as a collateral vehicle. Just like a real estate property, you can leverage gold coins and bullion bars for borrowing against a collateral asset with fixed terms and a favorable interest rate for the borrower.

Holding a sizeable gold collection can unlock the borrowing capacity you might be looking for to jump into holdings of many other asset classes.

Fast movers are instrumental in portfolio growth.


Coupled with inflating assets like government bonds or ounces of gold, fast movers are a fantastic way to galvanize your holdings for maximum return on investment. You can quickly trade cryptocurrency, real estate, and commodities like fine art, rare guitars, or antique literature for high returns. While the crypto market fluctuates wildly and allows for a smart, data-driven investor to make enormous profits, many other commodities trade within more loosely defined price ranges. This means that you may be able to find sellers at a lower price point and immediately offload the commodity at a boosted profit rate.

Alternative investments are the way forward for any portfolio. Add these for maximum return and a brighter future.

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