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How to Start an Online Store for Your Direct Sales Job

Perhaps you, like so many people, have been holed up in your apartment all year trying to figure out how to make life work and stay safe from the pandemic at the same time. You’ve made all the sourdough, done all the yoga, and applied for unemployment just like millions of Americans, all the while wishing you could make an income independently, from home. Well, good news—you can!

By using a direct sales model, as well as the magic of social media influence, many people are finding themselves able to sell products that they believe in and feel passionate about while staying safe in the comfort of your own home. For example, do you have a furry friend who you adore? Do you have tons of pictures of your pup or kitty? Do you also have lots of opinions about the products you use for your fur baby, whether it’s a favorite leash or kitty treats that your cat goes wild for? Then you, too, can make a killing just by doing what you’re already doing, but more intentionally. Read on to learn about how to use direct sales and your love of furry friends to get off the unemployment roster.

Find pet products that you love and trust.


The first step to selling something is finding something that you believe in. The simple truth is that if you only feel “meh” about a certain product, you probably won’t talk it up with your friends and acquaintances. As a result, you probably won’t sell very much either. The point of making a living through the art of direct sales is that you’ll be directly communicating with the customers who will be able to get the best leashes, harnesses, and pup treats from you without a middleman getting in the way. Your customers need to know and trust you, and you need to really love your products.

For example, when we’re talking about direct sales pet products, the first place to go is PawTree. PawTree is a one-stop-shop with a focus on excellence. All of their pet products—dog cookies, CBD bones for calming anxious pups, cat food, sushi themed cat toys—are of the highest quality. Knowing that, you can rest assured that you’re not selling some bogus cat food or dog food to your customers. PawTree’s direct sales program is very robust, promising great returns to anyone who is interested in combining their love of pets with a love of making rent.

Learn how to use SEO in your favor.


If you’ll be selling online, you need to get your website in front of potential customers. It simply won’t matter if you’re the best sales rep in the world—if no one knows that you exist, they certainly won’t be buying from you, will they? One way to get more exposure is by maintaining a consistent social media presence. That means posting on various platforms every day. If you need to use a social media management program like Hootsuite to do it, so be it. Just make sure to be on every day to grow your presence and reliability.

That being said, what you really need is SEO expertise. SEO stands for search engine optimization and without it, you’ll be at the bottom of the search engine pile, whether it’s on Google or Bing. SEO depends on so many factors—how many reliable links are on your site, how many links to your site are on other reliable sites, what kind of content you have, and how it’s formatted. It’s enough to make one’s head spin. If you’re starting a small business, don’t waste time becoming an SEO expert. Hire professional SEO mavericks like the ones at the Gr0 agency to build your brand for you. After all, you got into this business because you believe that pet owners deserve superior products for their furry pals. You’re not here to beat the Google algorithms. Go to the folks at Gr0, and let them do that for you. Then sit back and watch your incredible SEO drive tons of organic traffic to your website, into your store, and over to the checkout with carts full of excellent pet products.

Take even more pictures of your pup. Then keep them safe.


Be honest—how many pictures of your furry buddy do you have on your phone? More than you can count? That’s great because having gigabytes upon gigabytes of pet pictures is exactly how you’ll be creating great social media content and engaging the interest of potential customers.

What’s not great is that your pictures are all on your phone, willy-nilly, disorganized, and in disarray. How will you even find them when you need to make an Instagram post? You won’t. Not to mention that, if something were to happen to your iPhone or Android your photos would be lost forever. And that’s not very good.

One thing to know as you’re starting your small direct sales business is that there are free photo storage options online. These photo storage apps have the capacity to store literally a quarter of a million pictures. You have a lot of pet pictures on your phone, but probably not 250K. By organizing all your pics online, you will ensure that you have access to them via the cloud all the time, whether you need to share on social media, via your phone, or with the aid of a USB drive. It’s all at your fingertips, and it’ll make your life a whole lot easier every time you’re looking for a specific picture of your puppy dressed up as baby Yoda.

If you’re thinking about getting into direct sales, you should know that it’s a great idea. Direct sales makes for a comfortable business choice, with plenty of schedule flexibility and room for creative expression. Plus, you’ll be bringing the joy of quality pet products to other animal lovers like yourself. It’s a beautiful opportunity to share your passion with the world and make a few bucks at the same time.

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